Invitation to IRMSS 2019

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IRMSS 2019 is committed to bringing forward global issues and local realities through the sharing of high quality educational research. It is especially committed to stimulating conversation-building between seasoned and novice researchers surrounding the debates, controversies and tensions between policy decisions driven by ideology versus those driven by evidence.

The focus this year is on raising perennial questions and innovative responses that examine leading, leaders, and leadership as contested terrain in ideology, policy and practice in the research on schools, communities and society. In this way, it hopes to draw on the findings of empirical research and critical studies to consider and evaluate current policies and practices, to generate fresh thinking and to bring a humanising influence to bear on proposals for reform and renewal across schools, communities and broader society.

We hope that researchers will join with us in interrogating prevailing orthodoxies about the epistemological, ontological and ethical boundaries or gaps between ideology, policy and evidence, and how they are embedded educationally, socially, culturally and historically.  More specifically, we hope to attract researchers from fields such as teaching and teacher education, science and technology, politics and society, language and literature, children and childhood, teaching, learning and assessment, strategic planning and policy, development education and development studies, and futures research.  Our invitation is open to all researchers engaged in qualitative, quantitative and hermeneutical traditions and disciplinary, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and alternative worldviews.

The IRMSS invitation is wide open to all researchers engaged in researching policy, ideology and evidence as contested terrain across qualitative, quantitative and hermeneutical traditions and disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary worldviews

On behalf of the IRMSS Programme Committee, I hope that you will gather with us in challenging enduring questions and suggesting innovative responses in research methods and contribute your own unique and original slant on the debates and controversies in research methods today.


Professor James G. Deegan FRSA, Director IRMSS,

Head of Graduate School, Research and Graduate School

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

 December 13th, 2018