Guidelines for Chairs

Chairs are responsible for the facilitation of keynote, symposium and paper presentations 1) before sessions; 2) during sessions; and 3) after sessions.

1) Before sessions, Chairs are expected to welcome and make introductions between presenters, facilitate any particular presentation requirements, and establish general readiness for the session.

2) During sessions, Chairs are expected to do the following:

  • Open the session at the scheduled time and orient the audience to the context with a few brief introductory remarks;
  • Introduce self, presenters, and papers and order as part of their introductory remarks;
  • Be vigilant regarding the time limit for each presentation and remain vigilant regarding time at all times;
  • Establish enabling rules for questions and answers and floor time in consultation with presenters and audience;
  • Moderate the flow, order and sequence of floor and panel discussions;
  • Adjourn the session at the scheduled time to allow the room to clear before the next session begins;
  • Ensure that all technology is in working order and rendered ready for use by the next session presenters;
  • Facilitate accessibility to sessions and help cultivate a universally accessible environment.

3) After sessions, Chairs are expected to ensure that the session room is vacated in time, arranged for the next session, and report any variables related to the optimal use of the physical environment or audience suggestions for improving participation to the executive committee.