Prof Alice Sullivan biography

Alice Sullivan_UCL


Alice Sullivan is currently Head of the Department of Quantitative Social Science at University College London (UCL) Institute of Education. She is also Director of the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) and leads the team responsible for developing the content, design and analysis of the survey. She studied PPE at Balliol College, Oxford, before going on to pursue a D.Phil. at Nuffield College, Oxford, where she went on to a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. She came to the Institute of Education as a researcher in 2003, and became Director of BCS70 in 2010. Alice’s research is focussed on social and educational inequalities in the life course. She has made extensive use of secondary data analysis of large-scale longitudinal data sets in her research, with a particular focus on the British birth cohort studies of 1958, 1970 and 2000. She has published on areas including: social class and gender differences in educational attainment, single-sex and co-educational schooling; private and grammar schools, cultural capital, reading for pleasure, and access to elite higher education.


Five key publications

Sullivan, A. and Brown, M. (forthcoming 2015) Reading for pleasure and attainment in vocabulary and mathematics. British Educational Research Journal.

Sullivan, A., Parsons, S., Wiggins, R. and Green, F. (2014) Social origins, school type and higher education destinations. Oxford Review of Education 40 (6): 739-763.

Sullivan, A., Ketende, S. and Joshi, H. 2013‘Social Class and Inequalities in Early Cognitive Scores’ Sociology. 47(6) 1187-1206.

Sullivan, A., Joshi, H. and Leonard, D. 2010‘Single-sex schooling and academic attainment at school and through the lifecourse’. American Educational Research Journal 47(1), 6-36.

Sullivan, A. 2001.‘Cultural Capital and Educational Attainment’ Sociology 35(4), 893-912.[Reproduced in Gorard, S. (ed.) 2008.Quantitative Research in Education. Sage, London.]